Born on the post-modern streets of NYC, Ethik Worldwide represents new fashion and new expressions of freedom. Ethik is a challenge to break free from pre-established norms of high fashion and embrace a relentless self-determination. With work ethik, we resist passive conformity, question taught ideology, and aim to uncover truths.
Established in 2010 on the Lower East Side, among the havens of counterculture, we have progressed from screen printing graphic tees to international recognition.  Through quality products, design, and cut and sew fabrics we strive to produce elevated streetwear that opposes the unethikal systems that control us. 
Our garments infuse fashion with rebellion, bringing eccentricity and an unapologetic style to streetwear. Our ethik is resistance. Our ethik is ambition. Our ethik is vigilance. 

Stay aware.


-Ethik Worldwide