Through exploring the meaning of color and individual preference we hope to illuminate how what you wear can impact how you feel.

Fashion is a form of expression, and whether you acknowledge it or not, the way you dress communicates something to not only the outside world but to yourself.

Whether its a satin bomber jacket or a sweat suit, put on the clothes that make you feel like the day is yours to conquer. 


Red evokes the strongest emotion of any color, ranging from danger to passion. Warning labels are often red: stoplights, sirens, fire engines,  etcetera. But red is also associated with love and desire.

In a landmark study published in 2008 researchers determined that men found a woman who wore red was more attractive. In the study male contestants were asked to rate a woman's sexual attractiveness; half the group was shown the woman wearing a red dress and the other half saw the same woman wearing a blue dress. Contestants in the red group rated the woman as higher than the blue group.

The color red can also be associated with power or dominance. Every businessman has a red "power tie." Only the prestigious get to walk on the red carpet. In the arena of sports it was found that competitors wearing red often outperformed their competitors. In the 2004 Olympic Games competitors across four competitions--boxing, Greco-Roman wrestling, freestyle wrestling, and taekwondo--were randomly assigned blue or red uniforms and across all four competitions those wearing red won more matches.

Red can mean a lot of things, wear it boldly, or add just a touch of red to any outfit and see how it feels. Perhaps wearing red might just help you with a big competition or give you the confidence to complete a daunting assignment.


From Darth Vader to the Grim Reaper, nothing screams "bad guy" more than the color black. However, we are here to say that wearing all black or even just some black can provide the same level of confidence that wearing red can.

It is important to remember that color psychology is extremely subjective and it is up to you to attribute attitudes to colors.

Whether it be tuxedos to credit cards the color black represents power. Companies from Adidas to Chanel utilize black in their logo because it is bold and sophisticated. 

The color black is modest and confident at the same time. If you're not going to wear all black it is important to consider balancing the color black within your outfit. Pair with pops of color to draw attention or go just go plain monochrome, the decision is yours.

The color brown is often seen as reliable and solid, like the earth. Companies like UPS and J.P. Morgan use brown to market themselves as dependable.

Maybe wearing brown makes you feel confident because you perceive yourself as sturdy and strong when you wear it. Maybe you just like wearing earth tones and you can't avoid brown.

One study showed that brown ranks among the three least favorite colors for men and women. However, when it came to fashion, brown was chosen as the fifth favorite color out of eighteen possible choices.

Attributing feelings or attitudes to colors can help you maximize your sense of style and bring out added layers of confidence. Red, black, and brown are just three examples but any color can give you a boost.

Wearing a red tie could give you the confidence to crush your next big meeting. Or if blue is a color you associate with strength or power, wearing a blue tie could be just as effective. Yellow, purple or green, any color really.

Considering what colors you like to wear and deciding what they mean to you and could give you an advantage!


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