Ice Scream Season

Ice Scream Season

The Philadelphia-based DJ Shizz Lo eats a super human number of Drumsticks in Iceland in the music video for what will now be hailed the ice cream dubstep anthem.

Just about every other cut scene from the "Ice Scream" video Shizz Lo is in some new dreamlike winter landscape. Whether it be a snow covered mountainside or the edge of a frozen lake Shizz Lo can be seen unwrapping and eating ice cream cone after ice cream cone. He purportedly ate over 12 Drumsticks a day while filming.

The video grabs your attention from the very start as the song begins and Shizz Lo walks up to a mysterious woman holding a dripping ice cream cone out of the window of an ice cream truck. The beat drops as he takes a bite from the cone and is transported to a frozen landscape. Featuring some of the world's largest glaciers and waterfalls filmed with wide panning drone shots and clever transitions the video maintains the fast paced energy that the upbeat song deserves.

"Ice Scream" has the production value we would expect from this rising talent.  The video is fun to watch but be forewarned that by the end you will find yourself on GoPuff ordering ice cream for delivery.

To check out the "Ice Scream" official music video click HERE.

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