Ethik Spotlight: Macc N Cheese

Ethik Spotlight: Macc N Cheese

“ Macc N Cheese you know, Million Dollaz Worth of Game. ”

What was your first contact with Ethik?

M: I know some people that had it on em.
C: I had a couple of pieces I fucked with. It was streetwear with a modern throwback look to it sometimes.

What was the latest release, I know you guys just dropped some fire.

C: Macc N Cheese featuring LIL YACHTY and ICEWEAR VEZZO. Produced by Scumbags shot by Peter Parker. Hundred million dollars worth of game. Called “Detroit Flows” on all platforms.

Where was the headspace at going into this one? 

C: Basically, we heard the beat and like… we was on some, at the time when we was recording this, we was on some music making… music music, like real life music. Instead of like street shit. But fuck it bro, let's do some Detroit shit. That's how we came up with Detroit flow
M: Coming up with that shit was easy. We were just saying lil simple shit that's funny, feel me, know people gonna fuck with, you feel me. So funny that record came about, that shit was just easy.
C: Then everybody end up fucking with it. 
M: ICEWEAR came to Philly, hopped on that shit. He did his verse in the studio when we was there. 
C: He did that shit in like 10 minutes. 
M: And then LIL YACHTY jumped on that shit.
C: LIL YACHTY heard that shit, and he was like, “Yeah, I’m on that. I fucks with them”
M: It was definitely a good look.

What’s your creative process in the studio?

C: We don't get in there and bullshit all the time. It depends, some days, it depends how the day is.
M: Yeah, some days we might have some shit, bro might have a hook he already, that he wrote he’ll show me or a verse or some shit. And then some days we might come in there and just do some shit from scratch a n**** might make the beat from scratch or we had to run through a couple of beats or some shit. Just catch a vibe frfr. It just be like however we feel.

How long you been moving as a unit in music?

C: I've been doing music for a couple years. Me and him, he just started doing music, but we just dropped recently last year. 
M: But we always been like, purely just fuck around and shit, you know our pop been in the studio. He's been taking it seriously for a little bit longer than me, but together now we probably been doing it for like two years.
C: Two years. Dropped last year, our first song.
M: 77k in like 6 days ya heard. [110k as of now] Make sure you keep running that up.
What are you applying your work Ethik to now?

C: We pushing this jawn but we also locked in. Every other day we in the studio, we nonstop, whatever comes.
M: I feel like right now, we are just focused on video. Like dropping videos, feel me. We got enough songs for a tape, but I don't think, the main focus is a tape right now y’know.  We tryna just stay on em, keep dropping videos, give them the visuals. Shit like that.

How would you describe the Philly/Jersey and surrounding scene?

C: Trencherous. Very trencherous. You gotta know how to move out here. You can’t, you know… no off days, you really gotta know how to move out here every day. Every day. You can be anybody and get killed.
M: Especially like you know, you see what's going on with all the rappers now. We still trying to get to the next level. We still be around, so you just got to really watch how you move. Watch who around, just be aware of your surroundings.

What do you think the scene needs?

C: I think… I think people just need to calm down. Streets need to just calm down. That's it. 
M: Yeah.
C: They calm down, we'd be good. Couple people will make it out, feed they hood. Feed they people. All this killing.. it's crazy, you can blow up and then be dead.
M: Like nothing.
C: Before you could reach the potential you could be.


M: The music, that shit just like… put me in a different space. If I'm angry or feeling some type of way, I could just put on some beats, write some music. Feel me? Just put me in another box. 
I know he gon’ say some funny shit..
C:I can’t fight my sleep for nothing. Once I'm tired, it's the car, whatever. He be up.
M: I didn't go to sleep til probably like seven this morning, then I was up at 10 to go get a hair cut.
G: You on some yin yang shit?
C: Definitely.
G: Needed for the completion right?
C: Mhmm.





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